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Jasmine Sun Jae Lee

Candidate for BA in Computer Science & Cognitive Science, MSE in Computer Science

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About Me!


Hello! I am a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in computer science and cognitive science and minoring in linguistics. I am also submatriculating in Computer Science. I have interned at AfreecaTV, a streaming company in Korea, as a web development intern and at Johns Hopkins University's Center of Language and Speech Processing as a research intern. This summer, I will be at Amazon Alexa as an applied scientist intern in natural language understanding. You can contact me by email or access my LinkedIn profile here. Click here for my resume.


Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, natural language understanding, machine translation, machine learning, deep learning, data science, multi-task learning, multi-modal machine learning




Here are some projects I have worked on:

seq2seq transduction

In summer 2018, I was one of 6 undergraduates selected to participate in the Fifth Frederick Jelinek Memorial Summer Workshop at the JHU Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP). As part of the seq2seq transduction team, I investigated multimodal machine translation approaches where correspondences between image regions and words are explicitly defined.


I was advised by Dr. Chris Callison-Burch on a project using crowdsourcing to generate a machine learning dataset of up to 40,000 gold-standard monolingual alignment annotations. This involved coding in Python to create tools for interacting with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk interface.

korean causative acquisition

I worked with Jordan Kodner to apply models of productivity learning to explain Korean learners' errors in causative acquisition. We were selected to present a poster presentation at AIMM 4, Stony Brook, NY and give a talk at CLS55, Chicago.

topical progression

I assisted Dr. Jonah Berger on a project investigating how the rate of topical progression relates to longer reads of online articles. This involved implementing different natural language processing algorithms in order to measure semantic similarity between adjacent paragraphs as an estimate of topical progression.

Selected Presentations

Sun Jae Lee & Jordan Kodner. "Acquiring the Korean Causatives." AIMM 4, Stony

    Brook, NY and CLS55, Chicago.

multi-task learning

In summer 2019, I interned at Amazon Alexa AI's natural language understanding team. We looked at whether introducing multi-tasking for deep neural networks that train on intent classification and NER could improve performance or reduce training time.



Here are some other things I have done during my journey:

teaching assistant

  • Natural Language Processing (CIS 530) - Spring 2019

  • Cognitive Science (CIS140) - Fall 2018, Fall 2017

  • Database & Information Systems (CIS 550) - Fall 2018

percussionist/treasurer at PennDure

PennDure is a samulnori (Korean traditional percussion) performance group at the University of Pennsylvania. I played a Korean traditional instrument called the janggu. I was the treasurer from 2016 to 2017, so I managed the funding and finances of the group and recruited sponsors for events.

reporter/videographer for the Daily Pennsylvanian

​Before I started programming, I was an aspiring journalist. As a freshman, I worked for Penn's official student newspaper, the Daily Pennsylvanian. You can look at some of the articles I wrote here.

external chair at KAP

Koreans At Penn (KAP) is the most active Korean interest organization at the University of Pennsylvania. As external chair, my responsibility was to seek out venues for events and recruit sponsors for events.

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